Top 25 Fun Things To Do With Kids In San Antonio! (With Map 2024)

As a San Antonio local, I’ve seen our city become a hub for family fun. It’s filled with attractions that are perfect for making lasting memories. From the amazing 15-mile San Antonio River Walk to The Alamo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, we’ve got it all.

Every corner of our city promises an adventure, whether it’s a history lesson at the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures or reaching new heights at the Tower of the Americas. If you’re looking for fun with your kids in San Antonio, you’re in for a treat. Let me be your guide to this adventure-packed city!


Let’s explore together fun things to do with kids in San Antonio! We’ll check out the beautiful Yanaguana Garden, see the Phil Collins Collection at the Ralston Family Collections Center, and enjoy a San Antonio River Boat Cruise. San Antonio is a playground for kids, offering a wide variety of family-friendly attractions.

Fun Things To Do With Kids In San Antonio! (With Map 2024)

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Witte Museum

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As soon as I step into the Witte Museum, I feel like I’m in a special place. It’s a mix of the past and now, full of learning and fun for everyone. Located on Broadway, this family-friendly museum sits on a huge 10-acre area by the San Antonio River in Brackenridge Park. It aims to make people curious. The museum shows off Texas’s natural history, science, and anthropology.

Entering through the H-E-B Lantern, a giant Quetzalcoatlus statue in the Susan Naylor Center greets me. It’s a hint of the cool stuff inside. I find all sorts of cool exhibits. In the Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery, I come face-to-face with Texas’s ancient giants. Next, the Kittie West Nelson Ferguson People of the Pecos Gallery takes me on a 9,000-year human journey. It has interactive screens that bring ancient art to life.

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The Witte Museum shows off Texas’s story in amazing detail. It stands out as a top museum. The Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center talks about South Texas’s past. It focuses on San Antonio’s Main Plaza back in 1849. The H-E-B Body Adventure, supported by University Health, is all about health. It gives a personalized journey into staying well.

I keep exploring and see how all our stories are linked. There’s something for everyone. If you like military history, there are exhibits with clothes and weapons. Art lovers will enjoy the Texas Art collection. It has works from local artists that show the area’s creative spirit.


The Witte Museum doesn’t just have exhibits. It also hosts events for the community. These events range from small meetings to big parties. They can fit 10 to 1,500 people. Each event is special, happening in beautiful gardens like The Texas Wild Garden and the Science Garden. These places highlight Texas’s nature.

Admission Fees

The museum believes learning should be for everyone. So, it offers different ticket prices for kids, adults, and seniors. Members get to visit as much as they want with an annual pass. This membership is a great deal for endless learning and fun with your family.

As I leave the Witte Museum, it’s clear it’s more than a museum. It’s a place where history feels alive, and learning is exciting. It’s definitely a highlight of San Antonio, offering an amazing place to learn for families.

San Antonio Zoo

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As I walk through San Antonio, I recall the great experiences it offers to families. The San Antonio Zoo shines as a spot full of discovery and learning. It’s perfect for all ages. Last year, 34.8 million visitors explored San Antonio, and many, like me, were drawn to the zoo’s amazing animals.

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Animals and Exhibits

The variety of animals at the San Antonio Zoo is incredible. It is home to over 3,500 animals across 750 species from around the world. This zoo takes you on a global journey. From the loud lions to the tall giraffes, every creature here is fascinating. The zoo is not just about seeing animals. It also teaches us how to protect wildlife.

Special Experiences

The San Antonio Zoo offers more than just looking at animals. You can feed a giraffe or go on exclusive tours. These special moments create a deep bond with nature for me. Every visit is a chance to have a unique experience. This allows people to connect with animals in new ways.

Admission Fees

The San Antonio Zoo covers 56 amazing acres. It’s great for everyone because it’s affordable. Adults pay $10, seniors $8, and children ages 3 to 11 only $8. The zoo is open every day from 9 a.m., closing at 5 p.m. Guests need to leave by 6 p.m. This commitment to low prices shows the zoo’s dedication to being a key part of the community.

Looking for a peaceful time or an exciting wildlife encounter? The San Antonio Zoo has it all. It offers moments of wonder and education. This place is not just for fun. It’s important for San Antonio’s culture and natural history. Every visit is both informative and magical.

The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

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I love the performing arts and am excited to share about San Antonio’s entertainment heart: The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. It’s famous for its wide variety of live shows in San Antonio. The center is a cultural spot for family-friendly performances and captivating events for everyone. Join me as we go behind the scenes to see why The Tobin Center is a top place for arts lovers.

Shows, Performances, Family-Friendly Events, Ticketing

Looking for a special family event or an unforgettable evening? The Tobin Center has it all. From amazing plays to heart-warming concerts and interactive shows for kids, they have something for everyone. Getting tickets is easy, thanks to their online system and helpful box office team. They’ll help you find the best seats for your budget and taste.

Venue DetailCapacityNotable Financial ContributionsSpecial Features
H-E-B Performance Hall1,738 reserved or 2,100 general admission$100 million construction bonds (2008)Main indoor theater for large-scale events
Carlos Alvarez Studio Theater259 to 300 seatsOver $39 million in private fundsVersatile space for smaller, immersive performances
Will Naylor Smith River Walk PlazaOpen exterior venue$15 million challenge grant from Tobin EndowmentOutdoor events including concerts and cinema nights

Since opening in 2014, The Tobin Center has been the spot for unforgettable live shows in San Antonio. Each show brings artistic brilliance to life, thanks to the community’s support. This is made possible by public bonds, city help, and private gifts.

My tip? See a show at The Tobin Center and make lasting memories with a wide range of family-friendly performances.

San Antonio Aquarium

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The San Antonio Aquarium is a top family favorite in the city. It feels like an underwater journey, even without diving gear! Since 2014, the aquarium delights all who visit with amazing marine life and hands-on experiences.

Marine Life Exhibits

The aquarium is home to graceful stingrays and mysterious sharks. It focuses on education and saving the ocean through its exhibits. The variety of animals shows how important it is to protect marine life.

Interactive Experiences

The aquarium’s interactive experiences make it magical. Kids get excited touching a sea star or feeling a stingray’s fin. These moments connect them with nature and inspire future marine scientists and conservationists. It makes the aquarium a key place for fun in the city.

Admission Fees

The aquarium thinks about family budgets. It sets prices so everyone can explore marine wonders. Discounts are available for kids and seniors. With over 34.8 million people visiting in 2022, it’s a must-see in San Antonio.

San Antonio AttractionKey ExperienceAnnual Footfall
San Antonio ZooOver 750 species, Seasonal EventsOne million
San Antonio Botanical Garden38 acres of Tropical Plants, Adventure GardenN/A
SeaWorld San AntonioMarine Shows, Animal EncountersN/A
Morgan’s Wonderland25 acres of Inclusive FunN/A
San Antonio AquariumInteractive Marine Life ExhibitsN/A
LEGOLAND Discovery CenterLEGO-themed Interactive FunN/A

If you’re in San Antonio or among the 34.8 million visitors, the Aquarium offers a deep-sea adventure in Texas.

My Local Library

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I live in San Antonio and always look for great experiences for my family. We found a gem in our local library, a place full of learning and community activities. It’s more than books; the San Antonio library has programs for kids and adults to enjoy.


The San Antonio library is at our community’s heart, with something for everyone. Cody Library has tons of fiction and art books, while Bexar BiblioTech offers digital resources. I love visiting McCreless Library, with its 70,072 volumes to explore.


The library’s offerings keep me coming back. This summer, places like Harlandale ISD and Northside ISD are alive with the Summer Youth Program. It has sports, art, and encourages reading through the Summer Reading Program.


Storytime at the library is magical. Kids listen, wide-eyed, as librarians tell stories. It’s a shared adventure into stories and learning, making places like Las Palmas Library and Pruitt Library so special for young readers.

Library Cards

A library card is a key to a world of knowledge. It gives my family and me access to ebooks, online courses, and so much more for free.

LibraryVolume CountNotable Collections
Bazan Library61,956Extensive Spanish book collection
Forest Hills Library71,111Media formats like DVDs, audiobooks
Great Northwest LibraryNot DisclosedServes people of all ages with programs
Thousand Oaks Library99,816Music CDs, DVDs, audiobooks

From Encino Library’s future makerspace to Guerra Library’s tech access, the San Antonio library has endless reasons to visit. With so much on offer, it’s a key part of our community’s learning and culture.

Japanese Tea Garden

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In San Antonio’s heart, the Japanese Tea Garden is a special place. It shows the city’s effort to keep natural beauty and history alive. Families love the peaceful and historic vibe it offers. Walking through, I felt a deep peace and a strong connection to culture.

Historical Significance and Restoration Efforts

The garden started in an old limestone quarry. In 1917-1918, Ray Lambert, the City Parks Commissioner, turned it into a beautiful spot for just $7,000. It’s now a historic gem of San Antonio recognized nationwide.

A big fix in March 2008 cost $1,587,470. It made the ponds and a 60-foot waterfall look new again. With help from the San Antonio Parks Foundation, this work keeps the garden stunning for all. The Jingu House got a $1 million update in 2011, making the garden even better for events.

A Tranquil Venue for Special Events

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The Japanese Tea Garden is perfect for weddings and events. You can book the Jingu House, pavilion, and waterfall area in advance. Want to take amazing photos? Schedule a professional shoot with the San Antonio Parks Foundation.

FeatureDescriptionAvailable for Event BookingAdvanced Reservation Requirement
Lush GardensYear-round botanical beautyYesFor events & photography
Stone Bridges and Koi PondsClassic Japanese landscaping highlightsYesFor events & photography
60-foot WaterfallA beautiful, falling water featureYesFor events & photography
Sunken Garden AmphitheaterA historic venue with seatingYesFor large events
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Accessibility and Visiting Hours

The garden is open every day, from sunrise to sunset. Everyone can visit, thanks to wheelchair access. The Sunken Garden amphitheater now fits more people, perfect for big shows. I love the welcoming vibe, whether I’m relaxing or attending an event.

Community Involvement and Ongoing Support

The Japanese Tea Garden isn’t just for looking. It’s a living part of San Antonio’s community. It stands as a landmark for both engineering and history in Texas. Walking among the flowers, I feel proud to support this space. It stays a treasured place thanks to everyone’s help.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

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For those who love the outdoors, the San Antonio Botanical Garden is a dream. It covers 38 acres and is perfect for family outings. Here, you can learn and have fun among the plants and flowers.

Gardens and Plant Exhibits

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is known for its amazing plants. You can smell roses and see cool designs at the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. And, there’s a special garden just for families to enjoy nature together.

With unique areas like the Culinary Garden and Texas Native Trails, it’s like an outdoor classroom. You can learn a lot about plants and the environment here.

Family Activities and Educational Programs

The garden is great for learning and bonding with family. They have events that show how cool plants are. You can see beautiful lights during seasonal events and learn about birds at the Bird Watch Structure.

Admission Fees and Savvy Savings

Visiting the San Antonio Botanical Garden isn’t free, but there are ways to save. With a San Antonio CityPASS®, families can get in for less. This makes visiting easier for everyone.

AreaSizeHighlightsVisitor Access
Family Adventure Garden2.5 acresInteractive outdoor exhibitsOpen to the public
Culinary Garden & Outdoor CHEF Teaching Kitchen2.5 acresEdible plant exhibits, cooking demonstrationsOpen to the public
Lucile Halsell Conservatory90,000 square feetFive unique glass pyramidsOpen to the public
Texas Native Trails11 acresPlant life from different Texan regionsOpen to the public
Bird Watch StructureN/AViewing point for birdwatchingLocated in South Texas Plains area

In 2022, San Antonio welcomed 34.8 million visitors. The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a big part of the city’s charm. It’s among other great places like SeaWorld and Morgan’s Wonderland, showing the city’s love for nature.


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Aquatica San Antonio is a top family-friendly water park at 10500 SeaWorld Drive. It’s known for its thrilling water rides and attractions. With 34.8 million visitors in 2022, it offers a cool escape from the Texas heat for families and thrill-seekers.

Water Rides

Aquatica’s water rides bring adventure to life. They offer everything from high-speed slides to relaxing rivers. Everyone, no matter their age or love for thrills, can find their happy place here. Catapult Falls, for example, is the world’s first launched flume coaster, providing exhilarating screams and splashes.

Splash Pads

While thrill-seekers head to the slides, the little ones can enjoy splash pads. These areas have gentle water jets, small slides, and tipping buckets. It’s a safe place for kids to play and cool off.

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Family Amenities

Aquatica has great amenities for families. You can relax in private cabanas and access lockers, restrooms, and food places easily. These options are made to meet various needs and tastes, making visits comfy and convenient.

Admission Fees

To join the fun at Aquatica San Antonio, you can buy a single-day ticket or a season pass for endless summer enjoyment. The park has ticket options for all budgets and schedules. This lets guests plan their visit their way.

AttractionExperience TypeSuitable For
Catapult FallsFirst Launched Flume CoasterThrill-Seekers
Kids’ Splash ZonesSafe & Playful Water FeaturesChildren & Families
Lounge Areas & CabanasRelaxation & ComfortAll Visitors

Aquatica is a place where families make memories that last. It’s a hub for fun, learning, and relaxation. It makes San Antonio a top spot for family vacations. It shows the city’s love for offering inclusive and exciting experiences to all who visit and live there.

Natural Bridge Caverns

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Natural Bridge Caverns, the largest show cavern in Texas, is a wonder beneath the earth. It is celebrated for its stunning formations and has been honored as a National Natural Landmark. Families and adventure seekers can explore its depths through fun, guided tours. There’s even more to do for those craving adventure.

Engaging Cave Experiences and Tours

At the heart of it all are the guided tours through Natural Bridge Caverns. They offer a deep dive into the world of cavern geology for families. The Adventure Tour is a three-hour exploration that takes visitors into the breathtaking natural beauty. It’s designed for all ages.

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure Activities

Looking for a thrill? Twisted Trails is an aerial adventure with more than fifty challenges. It includes seven curved ziplines, with the longest being 685 feet. For the little ones, Twisted Trails Tykes provides fun that builds confidence, designed for children under four feet tall. Then, there’s the AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup maze. It’s a 5,000-square-foot challenge for families to navigate together.

Dining and Souvenirs at the Caverns

What’s an outing without treats and memories? Big Daddy’s Sweets, Treats and Brew has ice cream, homemade fudge, and cold drinks. For a hearty meal, head to the Cavern Café. It offers pizzas, burgers, and other tasty options. Don’t forget to visit the Discover Village Trading Post. It’s the place to find unique rocks, minerals, fossils, and exclusive souvenirs from Natural Bridge Caverns.

Adventure TourGuided tour through Texas’ largest show cavern system.~3 hours
Twisted TrailsHigh-flying obstacle course with over 50 elements and ziplines.685 feet of ziplines
Twisted Trails TykesAerial course designed for children enjoying confidence-building fun.Scaled for kids <4 ft
AMAZEn’ Ranch RoundupA massive outdoor maze adventure with towers and a bridge to navigate.5,000 square feet
Big Daddy’s Sweets, Treats and BrewSweet treats and refreshing beverages.Varied selection
Cavern CaféDelectable meals perfect for family dining.Extensive menu
Discover Village Trading PostOne-stop shop for unique souvenirs and geological wonders.Varied merchandise

The diverse attractions at Natural Bridge Caverns range from the majestic to the fun. It truly is a family-friendly place. Each visit deepens appreciation for this San Antonio gem. It adds to the city’s rich culture and provides endless fun for families.

San Antonio Public Library

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I always search for fun activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. The San Antonio Public Library stands out in our community. It offers family-friendly library programs and plenty of digital resources. These programs support learning to read early on or spark creative expression. Check out the library’s events. They’re designed to excite and teach everyone.

Interactive Events and Workshops

Consider the upcoming Pop Madness event at the Central Library. It’s a family event full of fun and interactive activities. Happening on March 9, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s a great chance to dive into the library’s lively culture. The library also has special activities for the Eclipse on April 8. They’re giving out free eclipse viewing glasses. This ensures everyone can enjoy the solar eclipse safely.

Story Time and Literacy Programs

The library is known for its Story Time, designed for different age groups. With “Baby Story Time” and “Toddler Story Time,” there’s a perfect story hour for all kids. These sessions change locations and days. But the goal is always to grow a love for reading in a nurturing space.

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Creativity and Learning through Play

Kids 5 to 12 can unleash their creativity at Lego Time. They build amazing things that stay at the library for others to see. Tween Time offers older kids a chance to explore through movies and book talks. Plus, “Read to a Dog” sessions make reading out loud fun. Kids can read to therapy dogs, making it a great experience rather than a daunting task.

But the library offers more than just books. There are tons of digital resources for learning anytime. With a library card, you can get e-books, online classes, and streaming services. The San Antonio Public Library combines technology with its community spirit.

EventLocationDate and TimeTarget Age Group
Pop MadnessCentral LibraryMarch 9, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.All Ages
Eclipse CraftingVarious LocationsApril 8, Various TimesAll Ages
Story Time SessionsMultiple LocationsVaries0-18 months, 18 months-3 years
Lego TimeSan Pedro LibraryVaries5-12 years
Read to a DogMultiple LocationsRegularly ScheduledVaries

The San Antonio Public Library has it all: storytelling, arts and crafts, movies, and games. It brings the joy of learning, discovery, and community together. These programs do more than just entertain. They help kids grow, stay curious, and appreciate knowledge.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas feels like entering a world of endless fun. It’s not just the rush of the roller coasters that makes it special. It’s about making unforgettable memories with your family. Let’s explore why Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a must-see in San Antonio.

Theme Park Rides

For those who love thrills, the park’s roller coasters are huge attractions. Their steel and wooden tracks soar into the sky. Each twist and turn thrills people of every age, thanks to their speed and smooth rides.


There’s more to see between the thrilling rides. Live performances capture the hearts of both kids and adults. Whether it’s a high-energy dance or amazing acrobatics, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Water Park

When it’s hot, the water park is the place to cool down. It has slides for all bravery levels and preferences. You can also just relax in the lazy river or wave pool. It’s a nice break from the roller coaster excitement.

Admission Fees

Going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is investing in happiness. Yes, there are admission fees. But, the park offers a variety of tickets to fit all budgets. Whether you’re there for a day or the whole year, there’s an option that suits you.

Ticket TypePrice RangeAccess
Single-Day Ticket$xx.xx – $yy.yyOne day entry to theme park and water park
Season Pass$zz.zz – $aa.aaUnlimited entry for the season plus additional perks
Membership$ – $ admission with various member benefits

My visits to Six Flags Fiesta Texas are always filled with joy. From the first roller coaster ride to enjoying a show as a family, it’s all invaluable. A day here means a lifetime of happy memories to hold on to.

Tower of the Americas

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As a local San Antonian, the Tower of the Americas has always amazed me. It’s a big part of our skyline, standing tall at 750 feet. More than just being big, it’s a great spot for families to see the city from up high. It’s an unforgettable experience once you’re up there, looking at San Antonio.

Observation Deck

Going to the Tower of the Americas means you have to check out the observation deck. You ride up in a glass elevator, which is super cool and fun. The view from the top is something you have to see for yourself. It shows off the city in a way nothing else does. Plus, the deck teaches you a lot about San Antonio’s history in a fun way.


There’s also a restaurant that spins around up in the tower. You can eat delicious food while getting a 360-view of the city. This adds something special to eating out. It makes your meal an adventure, not just food.

Skyline Views

Any time of day, the view from Tower of the Americas is awesome. Sunsets turn the city gold, and nighttime lights make everything sparkle. It’s perfect for families and photographers who want to make memories. You’ll get some amazing pictures up there.

Admission Fees

The Tower of the Americas is easy to get into, with prices meant to welcome families. It’s worth it for such a cool experience.

Ticket TypeGeneral AdmissionCombination Tickets (Observation Deck + 4D Theater Ride)
Adults (12-64)$14.00$21.00
Children (4-11)$11.00$15.00
Seniors (65+)$11.00$15.00
Children under 4FreeFree

I personally think the Tower of the Americas is a must-visit for families in San Antonio. Get a ticket, ride up, and enjoy a new view of the city. You’ll love it!

SEA LIFE San Antonio

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San Antonio is a top spot for families to visit. It offers many attractions suitable for both kids and adults. At the heart of these is SEA LIFE San Antonio, a unique aquarium designed for families. It’s a place where the underwater world comes to life. You’ll find interactive exhibits and a variety of marine life making it a stand-out destination.

Underwater Exhibits

Enter the amazing world of SEA LIFE San Antonio for an unforgettable water journey. The Ocean Tunnel is awe-inspiring, with over 500 creatures swimming in 125,000 gallons of water. It offers a full 360-degree view of life under the sea. This family-friendly spot shows the world’s oceans without ever leaving San Antonio.

Interactive Zones

SEA LIFE San Antonio is remembered for its interactivity. Kids can touch starfish or watch seahorses, thanks to the interactive exhibits. These areas promote learning through play and exploration. They help understand the complex marine ecosystems.

Educational Programs

Education is key at SEA LIFE San Antonio. The aquarium offers educational programs that spark interest and promote conservation. You can experience expert talks, educational feeds, and behind-the-scenes tours. These activities highlight the ocean’s beauty and its creatures.

Admission Fees

SEA LIFE San Antonio makes exploring the sea affordable. They offer special rates for kids to ensure families can enjoy together. Additionally, the aquarium supports conservation and education in the community. By visiting, you’ll dive into the underwater treasures and support a good cause.

AttractionUnique ExperienceSpecial Offers
SEA LIFE San Antonio500+ marine creatures in an immersive Ocean TunnelDiscounted rates for children
The DoSeumInteractive exhibits like Little Town and Spy AcademySummer exhibit Voyage To The Deep
San Antonio ZooRide the Zoo Train and feed giraffes
Natural Bridge Wildlife RanchSafari-like experience; drive through and feed animals
Morgan’s WonderlandWorld’s first Ultra-Accessible™ family fun park25 ultra-accessible attractions

The DoSeum

In San Antonio, The DoSeum shines as a top spot for family fun. It’s filled with hands-on exhibits that mix playing with learning. Opened in 2015, it’s a paradise for families wanting fun learning for their kids. The DoSeum is more than a museum. It’s an adventure of exploration for young minds. It offers STEM activities, art, and a deep dive into San Antonio’s culture.

Interactive Exhibits for All Ages

Children get lost in more than 100 hands-on activities. These spread across both indoor and outdoor spaces. There’s something for every child, from toddlers to pre-teens. Little Town pulls in the youngest with its mini city. Kids pretend to be adults there. Older kids enjoy Spy Academy, solving puzzles with smarts and a touch of fun.

STEM Activities to Spark Curiosity

At the Innovation Station, kids aren’t just learning; they’re inventing. It reflects San Antonio’s big industries. Here, kids can work with robots and see Baxter, a unique museum robot. The DoSeum also values San Antonio’s bilingual culture, with exhibits in two languages. It’s all about bringing the community together.

Art Studios That Inspire Creativity

The DoSeum’s art studios let kids show their creative sides. Through the Sensations Studio or Imagine It, every art piece shares The DoSeum’s goal. They strive to grow young minds and celebrate kids’ big imaginations.

Admission Fees and Accessibility

Getting into this learning world is easy with tickets, memberships, or the CityPASS®. These provide a cheaper way to see The DoSeum and other local spots. Though there’s a fee, it opens the door to many exciting exhibits and programs.

The DoSeum cares about the planet, using solar panels and reusing water. Families enjoying a snack at the café, run by local Bakery Lorraine, won’t miss the fun. Seating is set up so you can see the exhibits.

The DoSeum invites families to learn while having a good time. It’s a place to make new memories and explore knowledge and fun activities. With so much to touch, see, and do, visitors often stay for four hours. They leave with new connections and dreams, right in San Antonio.

Magik Theatre

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I’m always excited to talk about San Antonio’s hidden gems. One of these is the Magik Theatre San Antonio. It’s a place full of imagination and perfect for families. Started over 30 years ago, it offers fun things for little kids, teens, and adults.

Discovering a World of Live Performances

Shows at Magik Theatre are special. They’re not just any shows. They’re a way to bring stories to life for kids. The team works hard to make top-notch plays that are fun and teach something too. They even have special shows for guests who need them. This makes sure everyone in San Antonio can enjoy the magic of theater.

Education and Community Engagement

Magik Theatre believes in learning, families, and working together. They go beyond just shows. They have summer camps and tours that make kids curious. These programs are important. They connect school learning to theater, sparking a love for learning in a fun way.

Ticketing and Schedule Information

Ready to take your family to this amazing place? Getting tickets is easy through their online system. They have shows like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and others that everyone will love. Plus, it’s close to SeaWorld and the San Antonio Zoo. Your family’s day out will be filled with theater joy.

A visit to Magik Theatre is more than just fun. It’s a way to make lasting memories with your family in San Antonio’s culture. As a top spot for family shows, Magik Theatre stands out. It’s important in our city and in the whole country for family fun. Families, get ready for a magical adventure at Magik Theatre.

Majestic Theatre

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Looking for a spot for your family to watch Broadway shows? Majestic Theatre San Antonio is the perfect spot. It stands proudly in our cultural heart, with a history full of top-tier shows. It welcomes both locals and visitors with world-class acts.

Broadway Shows and Dazzling Performances

The Broadway performances at the Majestic Theatre showcase San Antonio’s art love. You could see classic or modern plays, all magical. The building’s grand design and the vibrant show night atmosphere make every visit memorable.

A Historic Venue with Modern Amenities

Walking into the Majestic Theatre’s grand lobby takes you back in time. You’ll see exquisite carvings and high ceilings. Yet, it’s equipped with modern comforts, blending history with today’s needs for audience satisfaction.

Seamless Ticketing for a Hassle-free Experience

Getting tickets for a Majestic Theatre show is simple. Use their online site or visit the box office directly. They offer a range of prices, so I always find a good deal that makes watching a show even better.

Splash Pad at the Pearl District

Exploring the lively Pearl District in San Antonio, I’m greeted by kids’ laughter at the splash pad. This cool spot is in a 22-acre area full of life and history. The Pearl, once a famous brewery from 1883 to 2001, is now a hub for fun and entertainment.

Water Play Area

The sound of water and kids having fun fills the air at the Pearl. Parents feel at ease knowing the splash pad is safe and fun for families. This historic place is great for kids to play under the San Antonio sun, in a safe, family-friendly space.

Not far from the splash pad, there’s a world of unique shops. You’ll find the ethical Ten Thousand Villages and the quirky Feliz Modern Pop. Each family visit is special, thanks to the Pearl’s unique charm.

Family Amenities

As kids enjoy the water, I notice the many amenities for families. There are great places to eat like Bakery Lorraine and La Gloria by the River Walk. With plenty of shade and seating, spending a full day here is easy and comfy.

Hotel Emma offers more than just a stay. It has the Sternewirth tavern and food services, making it perfect for those looking for a relaxed adventure.

Hours of Operation

The Pearl District’s splash pad is open daily for families. It’s a place where San Antonio’s history and today’s joy meet. You can visit almost any time during the day, and it’s free.

LocationHours of OperationAdmission Fee
Benavides Park Splash PadDaily, All-DayFree
Hemisfair’s Union Pacific Railroad Splash PadDaily, 5 a.m. – MidnightFree
JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort River Bluff Water ParkDaily, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Hotel Guests)Exclusive for Hotel Guests
Morgan’s Wonderland Splash Pad and Water ParkDaily, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.Starting at $23 for Children Ages 3-17

On my visits to San Antonio, the Pearl District’s splash pad is a key spot for family fun. It brings together the city’s history and the joy of children.

SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is a top spot for families in the heart of Texas. It welcomed 34.8 million visitors in 2022, making it a key part of San Antonio’s fun and learning scene. When you visit, you’ll enjoy marine shows, animal encounters, and thrilling rides. These offer unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages.

Marine Shows

At SeaWorld San Antonio, the marine shows are a big hit. You’ll see dolphins, sea lions, and penguins showcasing their skills. These performances are fun and teach about protecting marine life. They make you admire the sea world through the bond between animals and trainers.


The excitement at SeaWorld goes beyond the aquatic shows. There are roller coasters and water rides for those seeking fun. These rides are not just thrilling; they also teach about marine life. They leave you with lasting memories.

Animal Encounters

SeaWorld also offers special moments with sea creatures. You can meet dolphins, laugh with sea lions, or watch penguins. These encounters are designed to deepen your respect for ocean life. They support SeaWorld’s goal to educate and conserve.

Admission Fees

SeaWorld has many ticket options, like single-day or season passes. This makes visits fun and educational for every family. It’s all about diving into a world of ocean wonders and adventures. Everyone can find the perfect way to explore and enjoy.SeaWorld San Antonio brings families closer to the ocean’s magic. It blends amusement park fun with wildlife connections. And it fosters a love for our blue planet through conservation and learning.

  • Thrilling mechanical rides
  • Live educational marine shows
  • Hands-on experiences with marine animals
  • Conservation and educational programs

Kiddie Park

Thinking back on my childhood brings up fond memories, especially of Kiddie Park San Antonio. This place is a treasure trove of family fun, where every visit takes you back to simpler times. It’s filled with laughter and the sheer joy of kids everywhere.

Classic Rides that Spark Imagination

Kiddie Park is home to rides that have delighted kids for years. There are gentle roller coasters and a magical carousel. They’re all safe and fun, proving some joys never fade.

Tasty Snacks to Keep the Fun Going

The smell of popcorn and cotton candy here is irresistible. Kiddie Park’s snack stands offer many yummy treats. Seeing a kid’s face brighten up at a snow cone is truly heartwarming.

Admission Fees and Ticket Options

Visiting Kiddie Park San Antonio is easy on the wallet. The entry costs are family-friendly. You can pick from many ticket types, fitting any plan or budget. It shows that here, fun is affordable for everyone.

Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island

I’m thrilled to talk about my time at Morgan’s Wonderland. It’s a special place in San Antonio. This 25-acre theme park is accessible to everyone, shining a light on inclusivity. It’s designed especially for those with unique needs, both kids and adults.

In my visits, I’ve seen the happiness it brings. It has welcomed over 500,000 guests from everywhere. And there’s more! Morgan’s Wonderland is growing. They’ve introduced Morgan’s Inspiration Island, the first splash park of its kind. Right next to Morgan’s Wonderland, it’s a water haven for all ages and abilities.

Inclusive Playgrounds, Water Park, Accessibility Features, Admission Fees

Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island were inspired by Morgan Hartman. Despite her challenges, she inspires the park’s values. The splash park has six areas, each considerate of different needs. There’s something for everyone, ensuring fun for all.

The parks use smart RFID technology for safety and freedom. Morgan’s Inspiration Island also offers a unique River Boat Adventure. It takes visitors through a magical jungle on a winding journey.

These parks care about sustainability and accessibility. They recycle and store water carefully. For those who are cold-sensitive, some water areas are heated. They also provide special waterproof wheelchairs, so everyone can join in safely.

Admission is simple and inclusive. Choose from single-park or combo tickets. Those with special needs enter free. It aligns with their philosophy of inclusivity.

Morgan’s Wonderland and Inspiration Island celebrate togetherness and the human spirit. They stand for joy and inclusivity for everyone. They’re essential visits in San Antonio, for both locals and tourists.

San Antonio River Walk

Walking along the San Antonio River Walk is like feeling the city’s heartbeat with each step. This 15.2-mile-long path isn’t just for walking. It’s a major attraction that goes through downtown. It reaches out to the Museum and Mission areas. In downtown, it’s full of culture and life. The northern and southern ends show off the area’s history and natural beauty.

Discover Downtown and Beyond

The River Walk’s downtown area is buzzing. It’s lined with shops and places to eat. Then there’s the Pearl Brewery, a 22-acre spot full of food and culture. You’ll find history in the King William Historic District. Places like the Omni La Mansión del Rio offer modern comforts right by the water.

Unique Cultural Highlights

Near downtown, El Mercado is the biggest Mexican market in the U.S. It’s filled with family joy and colorful items. The Mission Reach area lets you see four UNESCO missions. This includes the stunning Mission San José. They show the early days of the city.

Exquisite Dining by the Waterfront

Casa Rio, the first River Walk restaurant, serves dishes full of history. You can find a range of foods from traditional to modern along the water. Places like Boudro’s or Biga on the Banks mix great food with beautiful views.

Seasonal Charm and Celebratory Events

The River Walk is always special, but winter brings extra magic. Holiday lights and the Ford Holiday River Parade turn it into a festive place. River cruises give you a special look at the holiday lights reflecting on the water.

Guided Explorations and Leisure Activities

Guided tours like the GO RIO San Antonio River Cruise tell the river’s stories. Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus tours offer a wider look at San Antonio. The River Walk is perfect for finding peace and excitement.

Every corner of the San Antonio River Walk tells a story. From the smell of fresh food to the sound of kids playing at Hemisfair’s Yanaguana Garden. This place is meant for making and keeping memories. It truly reflects San Antonio’s spirit.

Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

The Mitchell Lake Audubon Center is a special place in San Antonio for bird lovers and those eager to learn about nature. Once a wastewater plant, this 1,200-acre area now provides a home to over 300 bird species. It’s a great spot for families to enjoy and learn about protecting wildlife together.

Birdwatching & Nature Trails

This center is one of 35 Audubon centers in the U.S., making it perfect for birdwatching, especially from Thursday to Sunday in the summer, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. People can join Guided Bird Tours here. But remember, you need to sign up because they only take a few folks at a time.

Education Center & Events

At the heart of the center is education. They hold events like the “Garden Pollinators: Birds, Bugs, & Bats” webinar. They also have experts, like Dr. Ben Skipper, teach about local wildlife. For the kids, there’s Storytime and starter birdwalks. The aim is to spark early love for the environment. Keep in mind, signing up for events can vary, showing the center’s dedication to making learning accessible to everyone.

Admission Fees & Hours of Operation

Visiting this place is affordable. Adults pay $5, and there’s a smaller fee for kids aged 6-16. Little ones under 5 get in free, making it easy for families. During the summer, it’s open from Thursday to Sunday. It’s a chance for families to learn and have fun in nature.

The Mitchell Lake Audubon Center shows San Antonio’s care for the environment and its fun outdoor activities. It’s a must-visit for anyone into birdwatching, nature education, or just wanting to enjoy a sunny day outdoors. A perfect spot to visit over and over.

The Aztec Theatre

The Aztec Theatre is a special spot in San Antonio known for its live shows and historic charm. It’s more than just a place for concerts. It feels like a trip to another time with its unique Meso-American design. Each visit takes you back to an earlier era.

Concerts and Live Performances

March is a busy month at The Aztec Theatre with lots of music and events. For example, the Led Zeppelin 2 concert on March 11th will fill the place with classic rock songs. Also, the theater will host the SA Express News celebration on March 21, recognizing local dining and drink favorites.

Historic Venue

Watching a show at The Aztec Theatre is magical. You’ll see amazing designs, like gargoyles and columns, as soon as you step inside. This beautiful architecture makes every show special. The mix of history and new tech makes concerts here unforgettable.


You can buy tickets online or visit their box office for a friendly chat. The Aztec Theatre has a range of shows that fit any budget. I always tell people to look at the schedule early. It’s a popular place that fills up fast.

Santikos Theatre

I’m excited to tell you about this summer’s great news for families in San Antonio. Santikos Theatre San Antonio is a top choice for family-friendly movie experiences. They’re introducing a Free Summer Movies Series at their 26 locations. It’s a fantastic way for families to have fun without spending a lot.

Family Movies

Imagine kids’ smiles as they see favorites like “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Shrek 2,” and “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” This kind gesture offers eight family-friendly films, perfect for keeping kids busy during summer. The movies are shown on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m., ideal for a morning outing.

Seats are first-come, first-served, so getting there early is smart. Tickets are available in person on the movie day. This adds excitement to seeing a movie. Here’s what’s playing:

Minions: The Rise of GruTuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
Trolls Band TogetherTuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
The Bad GuysTuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
MigrationTuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
Puss in Boots: The Last WishTuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
Shrek 2Tuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer
Sing 2Tuesdays & Wednesdays during Summer


For an amazing experience, try Santikos Theatre San Antonio’s IMAX screenings. They offer top-notch picture and sound. IMAX makes movies feel alive and turns family outings into memorable adventures. It’s a big step up from regular screens, making every moment exciting.

Dine-In Options

Santikos also has dine-in theaters. Apart from popcorn, they serve delicious meals and snacks. This turns a movie night into a full family outing. So, pass the nachos!


To make sure you get tickets, pay attention to how ticketing works. It can vary by movie, time, and seating. For the Free Summer Movies Series, get your tickets at the theater on the day of the show.

Santikos Theatres also offer Sensory Friendly Screenings. These are on the first and third Saturday each month at 10 a.m. The environment is tailored to those with special needs. The lights are brighter, sound is lower, and captions are shown. This makes everyone comfortable during the movie.

Santikos Theatre is a place where everyone in the family can enjoy. On August 17, 2019, they welcomed guests with special needs to watch “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” for free. This shows their commitment to serving the community.

For more on Sensory Friendly Screenings at locations like Silverado and others, visit the Santikos website. Though I’m not linking it here, a quick search will get you there. This summer, join the fun at Santikos Theatre San Antonio. Here, every family gets to be the star.

Pearsall Park in San Antonio

When I visit the vast Pearsall Park in San Antonio, its size and offerings amaze me. It has grown from 243 to 505 acres, thanks to city funding. It’s now a central spot for outdoor fun and shows the city’s effort in offering recreational spaces.

Family Fun Zone and Fitness Challenge Zone

The Family Fun Zone is great for fun-loving families. It has two splash pads and basketball courts for everyone. The park is easy to get into with plenty of parking, making weekends fun and stress-free. Families love the huge playground, and parents appreciate the picnic spots and the pavilion for gatherings.

For fitness enthusiasts, Pearsall Park is a treasure. It boasts a Sprint Timer and a Zip Line among its fitness gear. I find the pull-up bars and traveling rings keep my workouts exciting. Plus, the view of the city from the park is stunning.

Artistic and Sustainable Design

Buster Simpson’s art, like “Wickiup Encampment,” adds a unique touch to the park. These pieces celebrate the area’s native history. The park also focuses on sustainability, which I value highly. It uses recycled materials, showing San Antonio’s green commitment.

Disc Golf, Dog Park, and More

I love the park’s disc golf course, designed with help from experts. It’s fun and challenging. The dog park is a great place for pets to meet and play too.

Pearsall Park is full of activities from morning to night. You can try for a record on the 5K trail, watch the joy on children’s faces at the playground, or enjoy art in peace. This park truly captures the spirit of outdoor life in San Antonio.


As I wrap up my visit to San Antonio’s kid-friendly spots, I’m amazed by how well the city mixes cultural history with fun for kids. I found that San Antonio isn’t just about history; it’s also a huge playground for all ages. From the Natural Bridge Caverns to the sprawling parks and the famous River Walk, there are lots of things to do with kids in San Antonio.

San Antonio’s focus on being great for families shows in its big parks and fun, educational places like The Witte Museum. The museum even offers free entry on Tuesday afternoons. The fact that San Antonio attracted 40 million visitors in a single year shows it’s a top choice for families. The city’s mix of attractions and warm Texan hospitality puts it at the forefront of family-friendly attractions.

If you’re planning a trip or even if you live here and want a weekend adventure, this San Antonio travel guide is your starting point for fun and learning with your family. San Antonio gives you education, outdoor excitement, and chances for kids to be creative. So, grab your map and explore San Antonio’s wonders, where family memories await at every historic spot.

FAQ – Fun Things To Do With Kids In San Antonio

What is the Witte Museum?

The Witte Museum, located in San Antonio, is great for families. It has a variety of exhibits and fun activities for kids.

What can you find at the Witte Museum?

It features exhibits on natural history, science, and culture. You’ll see dinosaur fossils, Texas wildlife, and historical artifacts.

What activities can kids participate in at the Witte Museum?

Kids can enjoy hands-on activities, learn through educational programs, and attend special events.

How much does it cost to visit the Witte Museum?

Prices change based on age and if you’re a member.

What is the San Antonio Zoo?

It’s a favorite place for families in San Antonio.

What kind of animals can you find at the San Antonio Zoo?

The zoo has animals from all over, like elephants, giraffes, and lions.

What special experiences are available at the San Antonio Zoo?

You can feed giraffes, go on behind-the-scenes tours, and more. There are also interactive exhibits and animal encounters.

How much does it cost to visit the San Antonio Zoo?

There are admission fees, but children and locals get a discount.

What is the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts?

It’s a top place in San Antonio for live entertainment, including shows and concerts.

What kind of events can families enjoy at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts?

They offer musicals, ballets, and kid-friendly theater all year.

How can you purchase tickets for shows at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts?

Buy online or at the box office. Prices depend on the show and where you sit.

What is the San Antonio Aquarium?

It’s a fun place for families, offering educational experiences.

What marine life exhibits can you find at the San Antonio Aquarium?

There are sharks, stingrays, and colorful fish, among others.

What hands-on activities are available at the San Antonio Aquarium?

Kids can touch sea creatures and feed them at interactive spots.

How much does it cost to visit the San Antonio Aquarium?

Tickets are required, but there are discounts for kids and seniors.

What resources and programs do local libraries in San Antonio provide?

They offer tons of resources for families, like books, movies, and learning materials.

What special programs do libraries in San Antonio organize?

Kids can join in on storytime, crafts, and workshops.

What do you need to access resources and services at a library in San Antonio?

A library card is your key to everything they offer.

What is the Japanese Tea Garden?

It’s a beautiful spot in San Antonio with gardens, koi ponds, and a Tea House.

What can families do at the Japanese Tea Garden?

Visit for a peaceful walk, a picnic, or tea ceremonies.

How much does it cost to visit the Japanese Tea Garden?

It’s free, but they appreciate donations for upkeep.

What is the San Antonio Botanical Garden?

It’s a wonderful place for families who love nature.

What kind of themed gardens can you find at the San Antonio Botanical Garden?

There’s a children’s garden, a rose garden, and exhibits of Texas plants.

What activities can kids enjoy at the San Antonio Botanical Garden?

They have interactive exhibits, educational programs, and events for kids.

How much does it cost to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden?

There are admission fees, but they offer discounts for kids and seniors.

What is Aquatica?

Aquatica is an exciting water park in San Antonio with slides and family areas.

What attractions are available for kids at Aquatica?

There are water slides, lazy rivers, and pools for fun.

How much does it cost to visit Aquatica?

You need to buy tickets, and they have different options.

What is Natural Bridge Caverns?

It’s an amazing place near San Antonio to see caverns on guided tours.

What can families do at Natural Bridge Caverns?

They can check out beautiful caves, learn about geology, and try zip-lining.

How much does it cost to visit Natural Bridge Caverns?

Prices vary based on what tour or activity you pick.

What resources and programs do the San Antonio Public Libraries provide for families with kids?

They have storytime, book clubs, and workshops among their many programs.

What digital resources are available at the San Antonio Public Libraries?

You can access e-books and online learning platforms.

How can you access the resources and services at the San Antonio Public Libraries?

Get a library card to use all their services.

What is Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

It’s a theme park in San Antonio with rides, shows, and fun spots for families.

What attractions can kids enjoy at Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

They offer roller coasters, water slides, and shows.

How much does it cost to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

You’ll need to buy tickets, with various options available.

What is the Tower of the Americas?

It’s a tall landmark in San Antonio with a view deck.

What can families do at the Tower of the Americas?

Go to the top for the view and try the restaurant.

How much does it cost to visit the Tower of the Americas?

There’s a fee for entrance or a combo with dining.

What is SEA LIFE San Antonio?

It’s an interactive aquarium with various underwater exhibits.

What can kids do at SEA LIFE San Antonio?

They can learn up close about sea creatures like stingrays.

How much does it cost to visit SEA LIFE San Antonio?

Tickets are needed, and there are discounts for kids.

What is The DoSeum?

The DoSeum is a museum for kids in San Antonio, focusing on STEM education.

What can kids do at The DoSeum?

They can play, learn through science, and make art.

How much does it cost to visit The DoSeum?

You’ll need to pay for admission, but there are various ticket options.

What is the Magik Theatre?

The Magik Theatre is a spot in San Antonio for children’s live shows.

What shows can families enjoy at the Magik Theatre?

They have plays, musicals, and stories for kids.

How can you purchase tickets for shows at the Magik Theatre?

Buy online or at the door, with prices based on seats.

What is the Majestic Theatre?

It’s a historic theater in San Antonio for Broadway and live shows.

What shows can families enjoy at the Majestic Theatre?

Enjoy top-notch shows in a beautiful venue.

How can you purchase tickets for events at the Majestic Theatre?

Get tickets online or at the box office, with variable pricing.

What is the Splash Pad at the Pearl District?

It’s a cool water play area in San Antonio for families.

What can kids do at the Splash Pad at the Pearl District?

Children can have fun with the fountains and outdoor area.

How much does it cost to visit the Splash Pad at the Pearl District?

It’s free. Open during daylight at the Pearl District.

What is SeaWorld San Antonio?

This place combines a marine theme park with rides and shows.

What can families do at SeaWorld San Antonio?

They offer animal interactions and fun rides for all.

How much does it cost to visit SeaWorld San Antonio?

You’ll need to buy tickets, with seasonal passes available.

What is Kiddie Park?

Kiddie Park is a classic spot for young kids with rides in San Antonio.

What rides can kids enjoy at Kiddie Park?

They can try a carousel and gentle rides.

How much does it cost to visit Kiddie Park?

Tickets are needed for rides, with all-day options.

What is Morgan’s Wonderland?

It’s a special park in San Antonio for individuals of all abilities.

What can families do at Morgan’s Wonderland?

Everyone can play here. They have water areas too.

How much does it cost to visit Morgan’s Wonderland?

There’s a fee for entry, with combo tickets also.

What is the San Antonio River Walk?

A beautiful area for a walk or cruise in downtown San Antonio.

What can families do at the San Antonio River Walk?

Walk, take a boat, shop, and eat at this scenic spot.

How much does it cost to visit the San Antonio River Walk?

Walking is free. Boats and some activities have fees.

What is Mitchell Lake Audubon Center?

This nature center in San Antonio is great for seeing birds and exploring.

What activities can families do at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center?

Hike, watch birds, and learn about nature here.

How much does it cost to visit Mitchell Lake Audubon Center?

There’s an entry fee, with discounts for kids.

What is the Aztec Theatre?

A historical venue in San Antonio for concerts and events.

What kind of shows can families enjoy at the Aztec Theatre?

Enjoy diverse music and shows in a stunning setting.

How can you purchase tickets for shows at the Aztec Theatre?

Tickets are online or at the venue, with varied pricing.

What is Santikos Theatres?

It’s a local movie theater chain in San Antonio with modern features.

What movies can families watch at Santikos Theatres?

See new movies in a comfy setting here.

How much do tickets cost at Santikos Theatres?

Prices change based on the movie and seat.

What is Pearsall Park in San Antonio?

Pearsall Park is a large park with lots of activities for families.

What activities can families enjoy at Pearsall Park?

Enjoy playgrounds, trails, and sports. There’s also a pool and splash pad.

How much does it cost to visit Pearsall Park?

Park entry is free. Some facilities might charge.

What are some fun things to do with kids in San Antonio?

The city is packed with fun places and activities for kids.

Is San Antonio a family-friendly destination?

Yes, it’s perfect for families, with history and fun around every corner.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of things to do with kids in San Antonio?

Check out this guide for a full list of kid-friendly activities in San Antonio.

Top 25 Fun Things To Do With Kids In San Antonio! (With Map 2024)

  1. Witte Museum
  2. San Antonio Zoo
  3. The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
  4. San Antonio Aquarium
  5. My Local Library
  6. Japanese Tea Garden
  7. San Antonio Botanical Garden
  8. Aquatica
  9. Natural Bridge Caverns
  10. San Antonio Public Library
  11. Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  12. Tower of the Americas
  13. SEA LIFE San Antonio
  14. The DoSeum
  15. Magik Theatre
  16. Majestic Theatre
  17. Splash Pad at the Pearl District
  18. SeaWorld San Antonio
  19. Kiddie Park
  20. Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island
  21. San Antonio River Walk
  22. Mitchell Lake Audubon Center
  23. The Aztec Theatre
  24. Santikos Theatre
  25. Pearsall Park in San Antonio

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